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Dwarka is hub of education and you will not believe there near about 600 schools in Dwarka. Abacus is the essential part of the education and all the schools and they have been started the basic classes of abacus. Before some time back the Indian schools were not using the abacus but when they saw that in USA all schools are using the abacus and Indians are giving the training here and all students are performing good after that I have also been started.

Abacus is tool by which child brain develop and we use this tool in different ways so that children’s can take most valuable advantages of the Abacus tool in Vikaspuri. We provide advance Mental Maths and Brain Development Program for children.

Abacus Mental Arithmetic (mind developing program)

Abacus is a calculating tool which was used in the china and other many more state at ancient time. This calculator helps for quick and accurate calculation. As we know that our mind is divided into 2 parts left and right hemi-spheres. Abacus helps for the development of the both brain. Our left brain is conventional brain and the work of the right brain based on the intelligence. Most of us use our left brain (90% people). But with the help of abacus the child will use right brain also, which will be very help full for the child.

Abacus Mind Development Programme